Test Your Stress Levels

You Might be suprised
Each person is adapting to Life routines. This means, that the business of your daily tasks can camouflage the underlining strains we are subjected to!

Stigmatisation and our desire to be "strong" trains us into a perception of security so that we are not recognising the onslaught of our life-demands inflicted onto our personality.

Just as a thought; take the time to reflect how complex your life can be and and in which way you could be affected by modern life constraints. ______________________________________________________________ Below, we have generated a test for you, so that you can evaluate for yourself where the hidden pressures of your life could be...

We realise that the test below can not reflect or measure the true level of stress you are experiencing, but it is helpful to recognise how quickly stress can accumulate to a substantial amount. It is very important that we support ourselves on time before risking serious health concequences.

Your Natoropathic/Phytotherapist Doctor will be able to assist you with professional support and advice according to your circumstances

Have you experienced a significant loss within the last 2 years?
divorce / death of spouse
Have you had accidents / mishaps / personal injury or illness /
operation or hospitalisation?
Have you split-up from your girlfriend/ boyfriend or had 
marital separation or imprisonment?
Have you experieced the death of a close family Member /  close friend / Lovable Pet, written off your car or lost valuables?
Are you married!? (and we don’t just mean the wedding alone…)
Are you committed to people in need or caring for a sick or disabled person?
Have you been dismissed from your job or are you
looking for a Job?
Are you undergoing marital reconciliation, having trouble with relatives or helping friends in need of urgent help?
Have you undergone a major change in health, retirement or experiencing a considerable life changing event even if it is of a family member?
Are you pregnant or have you undergone child birth?
Do you have any Sexual problems?
Have you gained a new family member (birth, adoption, somedody married etc…)?
Have you undergone a major business change, promotion, demotion, change of position,change of responsibilities, change of company or bankruptcy?
Are there arguments with your spouse, problems with your boss or a colleague?
Is there a major change in your financial status?
Son or daughter leaving home / trouble with In-Laws /
Foreclosure on a bond or a loan
Have you run into trouble with Law? Have you been convicted of a crime? Do you have court hearings lingering over your head etc…?
Do you work hard to achieve outstanding personal achievements?
Has your spouse started or stopped employment?
Is it the beginning or end of formal schooling?
Have you changed schools?
Has there been a major change in your living conditions such as moving of house, house renovation or having guests?
Are you under the influence of  peer pressure?
Has there been a  change of church  or social activities and family get togethers?
Have started dating a new girlfriend/boyfriend?
Have you purchased  costly goods such as a fridge, washing machiene, car, etc…?
Coment test line..
Are you arranging a holiday, returning back to work, preparing for christmas or festivities?
Have you started a diet or has there been a change in your eating habits?
Stress Points:
Please Tick the check boxes on the left to assess your stress levels

The definition of stress is not necessarily the way you are behaving...
It is more a definition of the amount of strain your body, mind and soul has to cope with. The more we have to cope with, the more resources will be needed in order to function effectively