Phytotherapy - Western Herbal Medicine
Natural healing with the healing power of Herbs


Phytotherapy: The Medicine Made from Plants

More and more people in the medical field are discovering the highly effective and powerful properties of plants for healing purposes.

In modern medicine those properties have been researched on an ongoing basis and used extensively in a multitude of application.

Phytotherapy is the science of unlocking the functionalities of plants and utilising them
for their healing properties. The advantage of preserving the Medical constituents in its natural form is, that the original power of the plants are kept
and side effects are minimised.

In fact, in many cases we are not even aware that we are using powerful plant extracts in
our daily life to aid our health.

An example is the well -known and highly trusted anti-inflammatory drug aspirin
which is salicylic acid isolated from the plants Spirea ulmaria and Salix alba.

Whilst conventional medicine only uses in many cases isolated active ingredients,
Phytotherapy incorporates the use of whole plant extracts. This is because all constituents within the plant work synergistically in the human body to produce the healing effect.

As such there is a large variety of powerful plants on our planet which are equipped with very potent healing properties.

Phytotherapy Practitioners incorporate the use of herbal prescriptions of tinctures, capsules, infusions, pills, suplementations, diet and lifestyle modifications whilst following a holistic approach in the treatment of disease.

Interestingly phytotherapy is the oldest form of medicine known throughout the world and many of the conventional medicines used today have their origins in plant medicine.

Phytotherapist's are trained in similar diagnostic skills as conventional doctors and incorporate this knowledge with a holistic understanding of diseases.

Most importantly, like Naturopaths they seek to treat the root cause of disease and not just the symptoms alone! In this way they are restoring the balance of the body and mobilising the body’s innate healing powers.

A Phytotherapist choses herbs, which are best tailored to suit the individual they are treating. This may be in the form of tinctures, teas and tablets for internal use, or creams for external use.

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