Naturopathy Natural healing with the power of nature

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Naturopathy: The Medicine Made Out Of Nature




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Health and illness are discussed in all groups of interest, by Doctors as well as by the person which has fallen ill...
What is an illness and at which point would you call a person absolutely-totally healthy

Every Illness has some kind of cause, may it be due to genetics, environmental, or lifestyle or any other causes
Sometimes this is easy to recognise but in most of the cases the connections can be quite complex.

We believe that the human is an integral part of this earth and that the balance of his environment and his nutrition will have a direct and also an indirect influence onto one's body.
A person appearing very healthy to our eyes, may infact have underligning strains onto his health and it self-maintenance ability of the body!

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Physical, environmental, emotional and mental constraints are extremly important to remain healthy over the years.
The Naturopath has an in depth insight into those constrains. He is using a system of natural medicine based on the healing power of nature.

Some of them may just be common sense, whilst others are based on indepth studies and sientific findings to stimulate the bodies inate ability to heal itself.
Your Naturopath is there to understand the intricate correlation between the multitude of factors as to why a body has fallen out of its natural state of health

Therefore it is not difficult to understand that Nature has a huge potential to provide us with many things we need to sustain our health. But it can happen that this Balance of supply has been interrupted over the years and we are just not able to find our way back to our state of health

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A Naturopath will carefully assess the patient to understand and to determine the cause of a disease. This needs to be done in a way which incorporates the body, the mind, and the spirit.

This approach is called "holistic". This means that a Naturopathic doctor will strive to determine the cause of a disease rather than just merely focusing on the symptoms.

Dr. Schubert uses her medical knowledge as well as a variety of techniques, such as herbal medication, dietary modification, iridology, a wide range of nutritional supplementation, physical treament methods and lifestyle modification in order to regain your health.

This approach provides treamentment to address short and acute bouts of illness, and longstanding chronic conditions.

A Consultation with Dr. Schubert might at first appear to be similar to a visit to your local GP, thorough, methodical and analytical. During this time, a thorough detailed physical examination is taken, she will direct questions at you regarding your medical history as nessessary, She will gather insight about diet, lifestyle and certain life constraints. If it appears to be nessesary, laboratory tests might be performed in order to get the deepest insight into the nature of your wellbeing.

This enables Dr. Schubert to make the consultation experience informative and most likely even interesting for you. You will be able to speak about your lifestyle changes, such as changing your sleeping, eating, or exercise habits and about your plans and the management of maintainance towards your health

For more information feel free to contact Dr. Schubert and to raise any questions which you may have...
We are looking forward to being able to greet you in our practice. The time spent with us will be totally dedicated to you!!!

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