Iridology - A Powerful diagnostic tool,
A window to you Body

Iridology: The Window to your Body

Iridology is the art and science of observing signs in the iris. It is a non-invasive diagnostic method used to obtain significant information in regards to the overall state of health of the patient. It helps a practitioner to choose an appropriate treatment regimen.

Iridology recognises the patient constitution, inherent strengths and weaknesses, toxins and their locations, poor waste clearance, inflammation, biochemical deficiencies and the general health.

Practitioners can thus depict the disease tendencies of the patient and prevent them from occurring.

In Lay Terms:
In the embryonic state of the human development the characteristic genetic tendencies are already determined.
The eyes however are very distinct nerve endings within the human body.
Weaknesses or genetic strengths are already formed.
In an adult those tendencies are still visible in the Iris of an eye.

Seen in a most simplistic way, one could say it's similar to the Idea of looking at a Tree-trunk, cut in half.
You could see where the tree had a cold year or a sunny year, or even a stormy one...
...or if someone has carved "Jonny was here" into the Bark of that year.

Iridology makes use of the patterns in the eye as a sofisticated pathway to understanding all current illnesses and explains the underlying cause of past, present and future disease.
This can also help you to take necessary steps to treat or help prevent potential future illnesses.
Treating it early and effectively before hitting the innevetable chance to fall ill.

Leading research of iridology is recording and updating common denominators in the pattern of the iris and passing this knowledge on to practicing irodologists on an ongoing basis.

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