Dr Caryn Schubert - About me


I am a Practitioner of Phytotherapy and Naturopathy.
I have a special interest in iridology and am registered with Allied Health
Professions Council of South Africa

Since Childhood I have had a strong interest and passion for medicine since my primary school time.
I felt the urgent desire to be able to relieve suffering and to be able to make a change in the people around me.
It just seemed obvious that as a doctor one might be able to impact on people in an effective way...

...just when I had the highest dreams to help others, I happened to fall ill my self...
My local doctors were at a loss and my health kept deteriorating dramatically. I fell seriously ill and as a last resort, my mother suggested that I might try consulting a naturopath which we knew from our local church.
This naturopathic doctor which was actualy thought to be the last resort, used Iridology and natural healing methods and managed to spare me from further suffering and fully restored my health.
This shifted my focus to looking at medicine from a different aproach by using different healing methods as a serious alternative to the common way in which medicine is conventionaly taught.

In 2006 I decided to follow my childhood dreams and enrolled at UWC for the degree of
Phytotherapy following which i did Naturopathy.

-During this time I was awarded the Golden Key award for being in the top 15% academic achievers at UWC.
-I am an active member of SAAHP (South African Association of Herbal Practitioners)
-I am an active member of SANA (
South African Naturopathy association)

I have been a registered practitioner with Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa sinse 2011

I always had a strong interest in iridology, so in 2013 I enrolled with the South African Iridology Institute under the instruction of Dr Suzanne Haylett and completed the diploma in Iridology with the highest level of competency.
Apart from medicine and iridology my interests include nature, hockey, Cycle Racing, squash and spin class. In addition I have a love for animals especially cats and pet fancy-rats.

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