Practice Dr Caryn Schubert.
Naturopathic Treament of all acute and chronic medical conditions


Welcome to the Practice of Dr. Caryn Schubert
Treatment of Acute and Chronic medical conditions
in a holistic manner using Complementary alternative natural medicine protocols.

A human body has an astonishing ability to self-sustain itself on a continuous basis.
However, at times this “health” may get compromised and it needs to be determinedwhat brought about an imbalance to this complex mechanism.
We believe that within a medical consultation the aim should be to properly investigate in order to diagnose
the actual root-cause of the illness, rather than to just be content with the treatment of the symptoms alone.

Dr. Caryn Schubert will aid you to re-gain and to maintain your health by utilising, on one hand scientificaly effective remedies and on the other, a wide variety of "Western Herbal Medicinal" and naturopathic tools and treatments, some of which you can inform yourself about here on this constantly updated web site.




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Phytotherapy: The science of utilising modern herbal medicine, Diet and Lifestyle modifications as an effective treatment method more

Naturopathy: An effective holistic healing system of natural medicine, taking advantage on the healing power of nature for your health benefit more

Iridology: A window to your personal genetic setup. Find the right cause and treatment with the right medication more

Located in Cape Town, Blaauwberg, Tableview 103 Blaauwberg Road
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